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Soutie Press is an independent publishing house based in Cape Town, South Africa. We specialise in niche interests like fly fishing and cult comics. 

We also provide custom publishing services.

The Mission is a bimonthly fly fishing magazine available for free in both print and digital formats. Put together by Editor Tudor Caradoc-Davies, Art Director Brendan Body (formerly of Session skateboarding magazine and The Lake) and Editor-at-large Conrad Botes (Bitterkomix, Lag-Lag), it is packed with humour, art, incredible imagery and top-notch story-telling.

What really sets The Mission apart is that it focuses on the “why you should” aspect of fly fishing instead of the classic “how to” approach.

The long-term (three decades and counting) creative partnership between artists Anton Kannemeyer (Joe Dog) and Conrad Botes (Konradski), Bitterkomix is both South Africa’s best and most controversial satirical comic. Presenting a dark, biting critique of the conservative, Afrikaner cultural mainstream and the state of the world in general, Bitterkomix offers a brilliant riposte to the would-be censors of our time.

As acerbic, humourous and dark as ever, in their signature style the duo’s comic strips, essays and stories continue to take readers to uncomfortable places, probing and questioning at all that is uneasy about our society.

We The People

Tudor Caradoc-Davies

Creative Director

Tudor has worked for mainstream magazines like GQ, Men’s Health and Best Life and has written and edited several best-selling books over the years from banting Bible The Real Meal Revolution, to the Daily Maverick’s We Have a Gamechanger and Six Years with Al Qaeda (2021 SA Book Awards non-fiction winner).

Ingrid Sinclair

Managing Director

Ingrid is a marketing and communications specialist with a focus on deep strategy, brand architecture, content development, and media buying. She has worked both for media brands and for agencies over the course of her 16-year career.

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